Sugar Free Heart Healthy Chocolate Suitable for Diabetics to buy online
Heart Healthy Chocolate
Heart Healthy Chocolate

Delicious sugar-free heart healthy chocolates. All of our chocolates are completely free of sugar and are suitable for diabetics. Available in chocolate or mint flavour.

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Back to School Coffee Spoons
For your favorite teacher! 12 dark chocolate spoons to replace the sugar and cream in your coffee for less calories and more health benefits. Can be ordered with mug or without. Please specify in the instructions box.
Great Shipping Offer
Buy 15 bags of heart healthy chocolate and get 16 tea size truffles free!
Heart Healthy Chocolate Spoons
Can't drink coffee without sugar and cream? Try these spoons instead.
Heart Healthy Sampler
This package has 16 of our mixed berry truffles, 16 of our cinnamon and nutmeg truffles and 20 of our chocolate bars. This is shipped in a lovely decorative box not pictured at this time.
Heart-Healthy Chocolates
98% dark chocolates only 4 different cocoa beans from 4 different countries and Himalayan Salt for 84 minerals that your body uses everyday. No sugar,sugar substitutes of any kind,no milk or gluten. 20 bars per package.
Mint Heart-Healthy Chocolates
98.5% dark cocoa with 4 different cocoa beans from 4 different countries, Himalayan Salt for 84 minerals you use everday and natural mint leaves. No sugars or sugar substitutes of any kind, no milk or gluten. 20 pcs. per package
PB&J Sandwich
A new version of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich made with Heart-Healthy Chocolate.
Sweet Treats Sampler
Try several of our delicious chocolates with this sample pack
Heart healthy sugar free chocolate suitable for diabetics, available to buy online
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